Show Coverage: Tacos & Tunes by Audiotistics


Lift’d Trucks are all about one thing, doing and driving what you love. The relationship between man and motor, dictates that we pour our passion and interest into our trucks – it’s in our blood, no escaping it. No matter the build’s specific application, genre of styling, or completely unique qualities, one factor remains supreme – personal enjoyment. Custom builds are ultra personal expressions of their owners and builders. Creating something that you truly love is the primary imperative amid the process.


Photos: Mike Alexander | Video: Will Smart | Words: Michael Phillips

Few modifications or implementations can alter the entire experience of a custom ride, the way that a proper audio system can. Few things can muster the sense of enjoyment like a strip of road, whether it be smooth sailing interstate or treacherous off road terrain, a steering wheel in your hands, and clear uninhibited tunes pumping through your truck’s cab.

For this special interest of creating the ultimate custom experience, enthusiasts seek the absolute best. Furthermore, enthusiasts are able to connect with one another within their shared love for custom audio upgrades applied to their rides. For supreme quality and a shared understanding of enthusiast experience, consider joining the Audiotistics team from Victorville, California. With a long history of installing and fabricating custom audio systems, the Audiotisitcs crew continues to perfect their craft and add family members through the ultimate customer experience.


Audiotisitcs has a well established track record of only using and selling the very best audio products paired with quality craftsmanship. To highlight some of their work and to celebrate with other enthusiasts, Audiotisitcs hosted their Tacos & Tunes Live Music and Show, in partnership with Rockford Fosgate audio products. Between the craftsmen of Audiotisitcs and the incredible products of Rockford Fosgate, Tacos & Tunes was an auditory powerhouse of a show. Bringing together everything from Lift’d Trucks, Slam’d rides, UTVs, and more, this mini-festival with friends and families alike, enjoyed three live bands, on-site catered food, and a host of coverage sponsors.


Tacos & Tunes featured a number of very unique and different cars and trucks. The diverse spectrum of customs included traditional hot rods, restorations, lowriders and hoppers, muscle cars, and of course plenty of Lift’d creations. For Auditisitcs, having a hand in such varied parts of the industry is a uniquely awesome factor to their work and custom base.

The Audiotisitcs build history includes members from every genre, seeing how every enthusiast enjoys ultra high-quality audio systems. In their combined efforts with Rockford, Audiotisitcs was able to display some of its extra unique work with UTVs and other power-sport genres. The shop has become particularly specialized to tackle systems for the most extreme elemental exposure and extremes.


Audiotisitc and Rockford Fosgaste put together a fantastic show with Tacos & Tunes, making time for celebration of the unique culture that they are an integral part of. It is often these smaller, more intimate shows and gatherings that create the best personal experience for passionate enthusiasts. Surrounded by good food, good music, and good people who all appreciate custom rides as much as the person standing next to them, and passionate work on display, all equals pure auditory bliss. Thanks again to Audiotistics and Rockford Fosgate for putting on Tacos & Tunes, we cant wait till next year!

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