SEMA 2015: Lift’d Trucks’ Overall Coverage

There’s no denying that lifted trucks were the overwhelming kings of cool at this year’s SEMA Show. Everywhere we looked, there were Chevy’s, Fords, Dodges, Toyotas, and more sporting some of the industry’s best suspension components, custom sheet metal, off-road bumpers, top-of-the-line wheels and lighting elements. But more impressive than the truck builds themselves was the overwhelmingly positive response they received throughout the week of the show, with huge support from both OE and the aftermarket alike.


Photos: Lindsey Fisher, Doug Burkmire, Mike Alexander | Words: Lindsey Fisher

We obviously love every variety of lifted truck here at Lift’d Trucks Mag, and to see so many different brands, build styles, and companies represented in the lifted scene at this year’s SEMA Show was an absolute blast knowing that our scene is alive and on the rise once again! Leading the way for many of our favorite custom creations was KEG Media playing a critical role as part of an incredible 15+ lifted builds. Included in this lineup was Justin Jarvis’ “SEMA Dream Truck Build” RAM, Rapture – the completely modified Ford F150 owned by Mr. KEG Media himself, Robbie Bryant, Keena Bryant’s lifted GMC Yukon dubbed “Little Red Wagon” and the highly-anticipated “MadDMax” debuting in the Cognito Motorsports booth.


Companies such as McGaughy’s Suspension, Fusion Bumpers, American Force Wheels, Addictive Desert Designs, NITTO Tires, Rigid Industries, UnderCover Truck Bed Covers, Kelderman Air Suspension, Injen Technology, CT SoundsBedrug and Wilwood Brakes were also highly represented, not only within their own booths and on their own builds, but among high-end builds throughout the SEMA Show grounds. Not one well-built truck that we came across all week lacked at least a few of these top-notch industry-leading companies represented on their rides.


The lifted scene has exploded over the last couple years and even companies that have previously been known mostly for their custom hot rods and classic car builds, like Roadster Shop, have tried their hand at building something unique with their caliber of quality for the lifted market. Nothing marks a shift in tides like big-name builders branching out to successfully take on a whole new automotive genre, and doing it quite well we must say.


While lifted “show trucks” were certainly of the majority this year, we also saw plenty of Jeep builds, custom UTVs, and off-road builds that were beyond stellar. Some may think that most of these lifted beauty queens never leave the pavement, but we saw a plethora of well-built rigs that are put to use. And we also came across quite a few nice trucks built to the nines for the hard life of pre-running, desert racing, rock crawling and other off-road adventures. You don’t have to have a gnarly, beat-up old ride to go off-roading these days and we certainly found some off-road builds capable of competing against some of the industry’s finest show trucks for style, build quality and innovative use of industry-proven products, which was quite refreshing to see some that were more than capable of both from and function.


With such an influx in lifted builds this year and the overwhelmingly positive response we received for Lift’d Trucks Mag we have a feeling that this is just the beginning for a whole new influx of mixed styles and builds. We have no doubt that lifted trucks will be back even bigger and badder next year. But for now, check out the rest of the amazing sights the lifted world offered up at SEMA 2015 in the gallery below, and stay tuned for our Top 10 Lift’d Trucks picks from the show.

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